Advanced Automation

Axip has developed the most user-friendly and intelligent compressor in the industry specifically to support critical facilities in remote areas. The core focus of achieving an optimized system is to engineer downtime from shutdowns by reducing manual intervention required to restart and keep compressors online.

Adaptive Flow Control

Adaptive Flow Control utilizes proprietary control logic and customized equipment to intelligently control flow in order to eliminate process upsets, thereby avoiding the downtime, blowdowns and manual intervention that drive most of the carbon intensity and risk of oil and gas production. The result is near 100% total facility runtime and dramatically reduced CO2 and methane emissions.

Push Button Start

Custom logic and design improvements enable restarts with push of a single button. This incorporates pre-lube, blowdown, and start up of unit.

Remote and Automatic Restart

Units are programmed to restart automatically after low/high suction, discharge, and loss of fuel gas pressure. The remote restart capability also allows for the restart after other non-critical shutdown alarms.

Reactive Speed Control

This feature automatically reduces RPM when approaching certain kill settings which preserves a reduced injection rate instead of shutdown.