Axip COMMAND™ integrates wireless hardware technology, performance monitoring, and enterprise asset management software into a single solution that provides actionable information. We provide real-time, in-depth views of equipment and facility performance, predictive failure analysis, and a preventive maintenance platform for maximum reliability.

Best-in-Class Availability and Reliability
Improving availability and reliability requires knowing when, where and how problems occur in order to take action. The Axip COMMAND™ system notifies the technician of a problem, helps pinpoint the root cause, and puts critical information in the hands of the experts to take immediate action and minimize downtime.

Improved Service and Operations
Improving service and operation of your facility requires the most current and accurate data along with advanced processes to effectively manage operations. The Axip COMMAND™ system is designed to provide the information and tools technicians need at their fingertips 24/7 to monitor performance, troubleshoot a situation, respond quickly to minimize downtime and determine corrective action.

Improved Safety
Better planning and reduced mileage driven by technicians improves safety. That's why the Axip COMMAND™ system is equipped with remote monitoring, data collection and the ability to diagnose the root cause of a problem, determine corrective action, and prepare for the job before leaving for the facility.

Assured Environmental Compliance
Stricter environmental compliance regulations are a significant concern for operators. A minor leak can have a major impact on production. The Axip COMMAND™ system incorporates never-before-seen features and functionality to automatically collect unit history required for regulatory reporting.

Total Facility Operations
Until now, remote monitoring has been limited to specific equipment without the ability to provide insight into the operation of the complete facility. The Axip COMMAND™ system is a step change with technology that continuously pulls data from all typical handling and processing equipment from the wellhead to the pipeline using wireless connectivity.