Contract Services

Maximizing revenue and minimizing risk requires a partner that can provide flexible solutions at the speed of today's market, while guaranteeing reliable operation and sharing your commitment to safety and environmental compliance. Axip provides contract compression and production equipment backed by a team of experienced technicians that delivers reliability, flexibility, speed to market, and lower risk.

Reliability, relentlessly pursuing 100 percent runtime for our customers.

  • Our holistic approach to maximizing runtime is backed by our 98 percent runtime guarantee.
  • Our facilities, parts inventories, and qualified technicians are strategically located to ensure optimal runtime and rapid response to service disruption.
  • COMMAND™ performance monitoring and optimization provides an in-depth view of equipment and facility performance, predictive failure analysis, and a preventive maintenance platform for maximum reliability.

Flexibility, designing technical and economic solutions that maximize customer recovery.

  • We continuously pursue engineering innovations, such as our flex packages that switch rapidly from one-stage to two-stage or from two-stage to three-stage as gas conditions change.
  • We offer fair, flexible contract options including flow-based contracts and performance-based pricing structures.

Speed to market, reducing the time from inquiry to first production.

  • Our large compression fleet (500,000+ hp and growing) and dedicated engineering and logistics team allows Axip to align deployment and installation with customer operations, ensuring on-time startup even during periods of rapid expansion.
  • Pre-designed and engineered solutions from compression and dehydration facilities to condensate gathering systems help customers move from inquiry to operation quickly.

Lower risk, proving our commitment to safety and environmental risk for surface facilities.

  • Our systems, processes and "safety first" culture have resulted in a safety record that leads our industry, with a 0.36 TRIR in 2014, 0.73 TRIR in 2013, and 0.64 TRIR in 2012.
  • Our safety record has won recognition and awards from customers including Shell and Chevron.
  • Full-service environmental support includes permit acquisition guidance, equipment selection aligned with permitting requirements, compliance monitoring and record-keeping support.