Producer Services

Axip provides pre-engineered wellpad solutions, pipelines, full gathering, and processing and treating facilities on a long-term, volume-based fee. Within the scope of these projects, Axip provides full turnkey design, construction management, commissioning and operations services. These projects usually involve an area of dedication and volume-based fee management. Many companies choose Axip to build, own and operate their crude oil and natural gas production, gathering and processing facilities because of the unique and varying characteristics of each shale play and region, and the large capital and human resource requirements associated with this infrastructure. Axip works closely with customer drilling or midstream plans to evaluate and provide the right set of equipment, services and technology to optimize the performance and economics of facilities we develop for our customers. The benefits of these arrangements for customers include streamline project management, the ability to focus capital expenses on your core business, and the simplicity of a single contract for all needs from wellhead to pipeline.

We provide:

Tailored service according to customer needs and field-level conditions

  • We have the ability to provide end-to-end services (design, engineering, operations and maintenance) and flexible project contracting terms such as build, own, operate and performance contracts.
  • We offer fair, flexible contracting options, including fixed monthly fee contracts and throughput-based contracts with performance-based pricing structures and flexible term limits.

Facility capital, freeing up customer resources for highest-return uses

  • Axip's strong balance sheet allows producer services to build and own your facility, granting you the ability to minimize capital expense and focus on your core business — all while maintaining strategic control of your operations.

Deep experience in facility design, project management and operations

  • Our engineering team averages 12 years of industry experience and includes facility engineering, compression engineering, project engineering and project management.
  • We have production and compression technical experts in all major basins, and we provide full wellpad maintenance programs including document management.
  • Our expertise spans a wide variety of challenges including sour gas; heavy gases associated with crude production and processing; high pressures in injection and storage services; harsh environments, including high elevations and high ambient temperatures; and special applications, such as propane refrigeration and fuel gas boosting.

A service-based culture that emphasizes partnership with our customers

  • As purely a services company, we understand that our success depends on a proven track record and deep relationships with our customers.

Project Profiles

  • South Texas: Amine treatment facility for a major producer with a capacity of 100MMscfd. The facility reduces the CO2 and H2S content before dehydrating the gas in order to meet the pipeline specification. The commercial agreement is a flat fee with a penalty and bonus structure centered on a pre-specified percentage runtime guarantee.
  • Permian Basin: Central Delivery Point compressor station for a major producer with a capacity of 25MMscfrd operating in a pressure range of 75 psig suction to 1200 psig discharge. The facility consisted of metering, separation, filtration, compression and dehydration. The commercial agreement allow for a flat fee-based service with the only requirements on the customer's part being delivery of the gas to the facility and takeaway of the gas from the facility.
  • Rockies: Central Delivery Point compressor station with a capacity of 50 MMscfd operating in a pressure range of 75 psig suction to 1200 psig discharge. Due to the nature of its location, this facility is configured with sound attenuation and cold weather protection. A throughput-based fee is used as the commercial settlement term.
  • Marcellus Shale: Axip built, owns and operates a natural gas compression and dehydration station in Butler County, Pennsylvania as part of a 12-year agreement with EdgeMarc Energy Holdings, L.L.C. As of July 2015, the facility is entering the first expansion phase as it continues to grow towards an expected maximum volume capacity of 225 million standard cubic feet per day. A throughput-based fee is used as the commercial settlement term. Learn more about the project here: