Carbon and

Gas compression is a mission-critical component of our industry’s effort to reduce the carbon impact of oil and gas production and transmission. At Axip, we are focused on practical and innovative solutions to reduce GHG emissions.

This includes improving run-time efficiencies to reduce carbon impacts from operations and the reduction of venting and flaring of associated gas. Many of our compressors are automated to avoid certain shutdowns altogether and to restart themselves remotely or automatically when it’s safe to do so.

In addition to operational solutions, Axip is expanding our fleet electrification as well as developing new and innovative products to reduce carbon and methane emissions on natural gas drive systems.


Continuing to expand electric-driven compression across our entire fleet is central to Axip’s vision and strategy to support partner success and thrive in the energy transition. For nearly a decade, Axip has been the trusted provider for the largest and most sophisticated electric compression programs in the U.S. Since 2015 alone, our electric-drive compressors have eliminated over 1 million metric tonnes of CO2e in Scope 1 emissions relative to equivalent natural gas-powered machines.

In addition to eliminating Scope 1 combustion emissions, electric motors can deliver greater reliability and performance, thereby further reducing excess emissions associated with downtime. As the electrification of the oilfield accelerates, Axip is committed to grow our electric-driven compression fleet and has the proven experience and capability to deliver and support large-scale electric-driven compression programs which optimize environmental performance.

Carbon Reduction

Axip’s Product Development Group is committed to developing new and innovative technologies for carbon capture and methane reduction. We are actively involved with many customers and government agencies to provide new and practical solutions to reduce carbon and methane emissions in the oil & gas industry.

One of these new technologies is our Thermal Exhaust Carbon Capture CO2 removal system for natural gas fired compression. This system allows operators to remove all the CO2 from their compressor and support equipment exhaust without chemicals for disposal or transport to other sites. The unique, patented design can extract up to 65,000 tons of CO2 a year from over 60 Million Cubic Feet per Day of exhaust using an 8’ x 25’ Skid mounted system.


Fugitive Methane Elimination

Another system currently in design is our patent pending Zero Methane Seal System for compressor rod packing and cylinders. The system uses a new externally pressurized rod packing system to eliminate methane leakage with separate cylinder lubrication system that eliminates oil usage providing a frictionless non contacting operation with no design life limitations. It can be easily installed during scheduled packing maintenance, dramatically reducing future compressor maintenance and operating costs.

In addition, Axip’s Product Development group is actively engaged to provide custom solutions for our clients including new separation and scrubber technologies along with innovative expander and compressor systems that can be useful with liquid rich gas handling for production and compression systems currently in use.



This report provides an overview of key ESG programs and metrics for relevant disclosure topics in the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Oil & Gas Midstream and SASB Oil & Gas Services standards. Unless otherwise noted, this report covers Axip’s operated assets in the U.S. from January 1, 2020, through December 31, 2020.