Digitization and Analytics

At Axip we strive to be the most data driven compression services provider in the industry. Focusing only on mechanical availability does little to optimize total facility throughput so we are dedicated to enhancing our compression services by incorporating the latest technologies in collecting, monitoring, analyzing and centrally storing operating data for accurate decision-making.

Axip COMMAND™ Performance Monitoring

Axip offers the most advanced analytical platform in the compression services industry. This platform has consistently led the industry toward greater operational transparency, accountability, and evidence-based decision-making.

Axip Command offers accurate, timely and actionable performance data in order to:
• Provide extreme clarity around alarms and ability
to trend multiple data points
• Allow rapid diagnosis of root causes, even
• Share data with customers to ensure all sources
of downtime are being addressed


FieldLink is an integrated, digital work management system in a collaborative environment shared with customers. We utilize this technology to replace call centers, manual time entry, form completion and tracking status of callouts. FieldLink also establishes visibility to repeat issues, response time and time to resolution.

Client Services

Axip’s team of experienced Solutions Engineers utilize the Axip Command dashboard tools and data analytics to deliver actionable information and superior insight to optimize total facility performance.

Our solutions engineers work hand-in-hand with customers by trending data sets and comparing with production data to identify optimization opportunities.

We provide customized monthly performance reporting to ensure maximum visibility into compressor performance and production related issues.